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black eyed peas
Black Eyed Peas

Doesn't get better than this...

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  • Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

    Southern Fried Chicken

    This old Southern favorite features tender meat with a crunchy crust everyone seems to love

  • Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

    Peanut Butter Pie

    Who doesn't love peanut butter? And what's better than a pie made with peanut butter. Very easy recipe that requires no cooking.

  • Hoppin-John Recipe


    So, what is "hoppin john"? Basically, a very old black eyed peas and rice dish. It is one of our most popular recipes and may be made many different ways.

  • Ambrosia Recipe


    Serve as side dish, salad or dessert.



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Garlic Biscuits Recipe

Garlic Biscuits

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If you are invited to a Southerner's home for dinner for the first time, it will be useful to be familiar with some common Southern customs. "Southern Hospitality" is not just a's a way of life in the South. Much of Southern life revolves around food and when you enter a Southerner's home, even for a casual visit, you should expect to be offered food and/or a beverage. It is polite to at least accept a beverage if not food.

Good table manners are valued by the Southern family so do your best to be civil. Be sure to compliment your host on at least one dish you especially like. Try not to leave any food on your plate if possible, and should you ask for a second serving of any item, it will please your host. Feel free to ask for that special Southern recipe of anything you really liked. In short, most Southerners admire one's appreciation of food and a healthy appetite.

It is likely that your host will wish to say grace before eating. If this is not your custom, just go along with it quietly. Make no comment. In summary, be polite, friendly and enjoy the wonders of Southern cooking. Then look forward to future invitations.

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"Put 2 tablespoons of bacon greese in everything...then fry it"

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